Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Top Five Movie Titles for Dancing Mamas

In the spirit of keeping this short and sweet today, here are the top five dancing movie titles that describe a day, or night, in the life of us mamas.

1. "Saturday Night Fever": Generally followed by boogie, er, I mean booger nights.

2. "Stomp the Yard": Although stomping usually occurs in much more public places - like grocery stores, and not just by the kids.

3. "The Full Monty": Some kids prefer to be unencumbered by things like diapers, or clothing.

4. "Staying Alive": It is the goal after all, right?

5. "Dirty Dancing": Because nobody puts baby in a corner, but mama may clear a path through a room by stacking baby's toys in a corner.

Mamas, keep on dancing through your days and know that you are one singular sensation!

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Bach said...

Amen!! Yeah for Moms!!