Monday, May 30, 2011

Clear Words on a Cloudy Day

Today is a theme day for the Blogathon, and the theme is to create a word cloud from my blog using Wordle. Here's my word cloud for today:


BIKE LADY said...

Love the subliminal (or maybe not so subliminal) messages in your Wordle. Sweet! Seriously.

Michelle Rafter said...

Mmmm, cake!

Meanwhile, thanks again for joining us for the blogathon, you helped make it the best ever.

The blogathon might be ending, but the community we built will live on. I'm keeping the Google Group active - please visit!. I'll also be continuing a monthly newsletter to cover blogging topics people talked about this month. I'll be announcing a mini-blogathon challenge in approximately 6 months - think of it as a refresher course. Details of that will come soon.

Best of luck in your blogging endeavors,

Michelle Rafter

Michelle Rafter

Tia Bach said...

One of the yummier clouds I've seen!