Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dancing for Dollars - And Damn Proud of It

Cancer sucks. I know so many people who have had cancer scares, have cancer, have survived cancer, and unfortunately have been lost to cancer. One young woman, a relative and friend, lost this battle a few weeks ago. Another woman, a friend and neighbor to my parents, is losing the battle this week. And sadly, there are so many more every single day.

For the last two years I have participated in the Komen for the Cure 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk; walking 60 miles in three days to help raise money to fight breast cancer. I've walked it with some amazing women - my teammates and friends, and thousands of other women I did not know. It was an uplifting and humbling experience. Women move whole worlds and get things done!

I decided to take a break from the training and fundraising for the walk this year, just one little break. Funny thing is, cancer doesn't take a break. That rat bastard just seems to feed off so many beautiful, kind and giving souls in this world - it's a greedy SOB.

Ah, but women are tireless, and we seem to rise to the occasion in whatever way possible, and come to the aid of a sister in need, to help battle this disease and the toll it takes on everything in a person's life.

On Saturday, I will meet up with a bunch of belly dancers - some I know well, some I've just met, and many I have never met and we will dance on World Belly Dance Day in support of a fellow member of the Portland belly dance community, Denise Oberon Amato. She's one of those beautiful souls who is trying to dance away from cancer - again. She's survived breast cancer in the past, but now is fighting cancer again.

Like I said, women move things, and on Saturday, May 14th at 2:30 in Pioneer Courthouse Square, several members of the belly dance community will move hips en mass for a flash mob dance sequence. It's a grass roots effort by women who know and love Oberon and the intent is to raise money to help her with her mounting medical bills. Donations from dancers, audience members and anyone who cares to help, will be accepted.

While I never thought I would be the kind of woman who danced for dollars, or COULD dance for dollars, I'm privileged to shake whatever money maker I've got left, and shimmy with my sisters to keep a gifted dancer in the dance of life.

If you care to donate, or participate, please check the World Belly Dance Flash Mob Facebook page for more information. Donations can also be made to a PayPal account set up to accept donations for Oberon at, or mailed to:

Denise Oberon Amato
c/o Silk Road Flowers
P.O Box 13445
Portland, OR 97213

Check out the YouTube video for the choreography if any of you dancing hearts out there care to join us! The more the merrier.Link


Pamela Flores said...

You. Are. Awesome.
I got teary reading this and I am truly honored to have met you all and be able to dance with you.


bookworm said...

My sister in law is a bellydancer. Her Mom (my mother in law) is a two time breast cancer survivor. My sister in law has lived under a "hanging sword" most of her life-she was about 8 when her Mom was first diagnosed. Thank you for this. I have participated in Relay for Life the last 4 years and was thinking about skipping this year. This with a friend losing her husband to cancer three weeks ago! I'll have to rethink this now for myself.
Enjoy the Blogathon!