Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 and 1/2.... No Not That

I'm talking school days baby; S-C-H-O-O-L D-A-Y-S! The number of days is much more exciting to me right now than the subject matter of the movie with that title you were thinking about.

Why? It's not that I dislike the job; I actually love it - a lot! It's not that I'm tired of the kids; on the contrary I enjoy them all.

Nope, it's something much more nostalgic; I'm a romantic about summer vacations. My son is already a devotee of downtime, so he's the one that started the end of school countdown. He loves school and his friends, but he's looking forward to the easy living of summertime.

What's on tap for summer? Hopefully not much. The couple of months reprieve will fly by fast even though there will be days I hear the "B" word; boredom. No big plans really; plans are not the reason we're counting down. In fact, it's exactly the opposite; days on end without any plans!

But if you really want to know why we are looking forward to the day oh-so-soon when school's out for summer, go ask Alice; he'll tell you the way it is.

And in nine and a half days, as is my custom, I will crank the volume, open the windows and the sunroof and let Alice Cooper's anthem of summer pour out of my car as my son and I leave school behind for a couple of months. I'll try to keep my arm-waving and seat-dancing to a minimum because the 10 year-old seems to have a lower embarrassment threshold than he used to, and frankly the old Volvo's shocks have seen better days and she rides low enough as it is.

Or maybe I won't. Nine and a half baby; nine and a half!

P.S. RE: Blogathon 2011
Since this is the final post for the May Blogathon, I didn't want to end without mentioning how much fun I've had and how much the other bloggers have inspired me. It has been enlightening to realize I can find time to write every day. It taught me that a plan and some structure would be immensely useful to me as a writer and enhance the experience for readers too. I've learned more about the technology involved and know I need to learn even more. There are some really incredible bloggers and writers out there with interesting and original ideas and content; finding them was made easier because of the blogathon. I can't thank Michelle Rafter of WordCount enough for creating this event and putting so much time and energy into this endeavor! This was expertly done and I got a ton of value out of it because of all the work Michelle put into it. Though I haven't had much time to read as many of the bloggers as I wanted to, I'm hoping to go back through and read a lot in the next few days while I take a little breather to think about the purpose of my blog and do some fine-tuning.

More of which will occur a little more than NINE and a HALF DAYS from now. Ahhh.


Tia Bach said...

Blogathon has been wonderful! I appreciate your blog and your comments on mine. Looking forward to keeping up with everyone, but at a more relaxed pace. Although I found I loved blogging more frequently, I did find it hard to keep up with everyone else's blogs! I know I missed some great stuff, so I need to go back and enjoy some summer blog reading.

Michelle Rafter said...

Thank you for the kind words. This year's blogathon was the best ever, and all because of people like you. You brought enthusiasm, questions, heart, questions, willingness to try new things, and more questions!

My 22 year old has a couple weeks left, but my 18 year old has 2 more days of school before he graduates. My 10 year old has 11 1/2 days before his summer break and he's already talking about how he wants to spend his days. I can't wait for the break from carpools, lunches, homework supervision, etc.

Here's to summer!