Saturday, May 21, 2011

The King and a Really Hot Singer

I'm running out of ideas for daily posts for this blog, so my son came to my rescue tonight and agreed to be interviewed. And, because he's also working on the Showman Cub Scout activity badge, he will be doing this interview as two puppet characters: King Singebeard, and Ruby Goldfire, the three-headed singing dragon.

I should also point out that tonight was his closing performance as Chris in his school's production of the musical "There's a Monster in My Closet" and it was a blast! He's well on his way to the Showman badge.

So, without further adieu, I introduce you to King Singebeard and Ruby Goldfire.

Me: King Singebeard, how did you and Ruby meet?

King: Um, I hatched Ruby from an egg I found lying in my garden.

Me: Ruby, was King Singebeard the first thing you saw when you came out of your shell?

Ruby: Well, I saw his boots first, but I guess that counts as him being the first thing I saw, but then I saw a dragon next to him. I thought he was my dad.

Me: King, does that mean that dragons imprint on the first thing they see, and assume it's their mother?

King: Actually, I should've said this before, but I raise and train dragons as a hobby, sort of like people who breed and show dogs. They will, or won't imprint - sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. Luckily I was quick enough to find Ruby's real mother so Ruby saw her first, and then I told her I was not her dad; I was her mother's trainer.

Me: Ruby, did you know what he meant by trainer? Did he train your mother and other dragons to be kind to people in the kingdom?

Ruby: I didn't know what he meant by 'training' at first, but then my mother explained it to me later. Training meant that he trained us to be kind and to rescue people in danger.

Me: So, Ruby, how did you come to be known as the three-headed singing dragon?

Ruby: When I was young, I had a very good voice, so my mother sent me to have an audience with King Singebeard, and he started giving me lessons on singing. Luckily, he was a really good singer and he knew how to teach me to harmonize all three of my voices.

Me: Ruby, what kinds of songs do you sing?

Ruby: I can sing a few very common songs like "Jingle Bells", "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", and "London Bridge is Burning Down".

Me: Don't you mean "London Bridge is Falling Down"?

Ruby: Mmmm, not if you're a dragon!

Me: King Singebeard, how many dragons have you trained?

King: Ruby was my 200th dragon, but I have now hatched two additional dragons. Once they are trained, it will be 202!

Me: So, King, how did get the name Singebeard?

King: Well, it is actually a very funny and embarrassing story. When I first became King, I was learning to train my first dragon, and things went a little in the wrong direction. I was trying to get the dragon to toast a marshmallow for s'mores, but the dragon didn't have good eyesight and thought my newly grown beard was a marshmallow, and toasted my beard instead.

Me: King, where does Ruby perform these days?

King: She has just auditioned for a singing competition. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's "Dragon Idol". We are currently waiting to see if she got into the competition.

Me: King, can you introduce me to your two newest dragons?

King: Right now they are probably sleeping. Because they are young, they take many naps. We cannot show them to you now, but I can tell you their names. One of them is called Marshmallow because he is golden and puffy just like a toasted marshmallow. The other one is called Magma because he has very dark red scales, and a temper! You just never know when he's going to blow - fire that is.

Me: Well thank you both King Singebeard and Ruby Goldfire for taking the time to chat with me this evening. I know you've both had a very long day, as has your puppeteer!

King: You're welcome, and now we must get back to training Ruby's voice for the competition. Be sure to watch and see if Ruby made it on to the show. Goodnight.

Ruby: "There's a sad little clanging from the clock in the hall... ahhhhhh, good nighhhhhhhhht. Good nigggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttt. Good niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttt."

Special thanks to my very helpful and creative son for playing along with me this evening! I could not have blogged without you tonight.


Bach said...

Adorable. Your kids are creative, funny and gifted. It does a Mama proud! Thanks for sharing.

Mama's Always Write said...

Thank you! I am only blessed with the one child, but he fills my heart and my time:) I hope to get my blog post done by midnight tonight finally so I can READ all the fabulous bloggers participating! It's been a blur this month, but I may be getting on top of it finally.