Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day Gold

Mother's Day was supposed to start out with a quarter marathon walk. I had planned to write about the experience of walking with a sea of women early on Mother's Day morning. Plus, I really wanted the medal. Badly.

Sadly, my body wasn't cooperating. I kept hoping I would feel up to it, and picked up my bib and shirt yesterday - all the while hoping I could rally. I really wanted that medal.

This morning it just wasn't meant to be, so my husband and son brought me coffee in bed, cut fresh lilacs from the yard and brought me cards and chocolates. They spoiled me rotten and I really appreciated it. I thanked them and told them how lovely it all was, but I kept mumbling about how I wished I had been able to walk this morning. I really wanted that medal!

I grumbled about it as they brought me more coffee in bed, as my son waved the box of Moonstruck chocolates under my nose, as they put the fresh flowers on the table, as I opened the cards, and even as my husband set about making breakfast for me. Damn,I wanted that medal! I kept verbally chastising myself for not being tougher, not pushing through, not, well, not being enough.

Yet here were two people who love and treasure me, and were showing me with their efforts that I was enough for them. But, I just couldn't get the woulda, shoulda, coulda out of my head. Finally, my son said, "Mom! Let it go already! You can do it next year if you want."

Did I mention that I really wanted that medal to hang around my neck?

My son could clearly see that I had not yet let it go. He came over to me, wrapped his arms around my neck, kissed me and said "Happy Mother's Day. I love you." Then, I looked over at the card he made me and realized - he's the gold medal.

He's where the rainbow starts....

And, he's the reason for the journey.

Thank you my golden boy!

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Bach said...

Sweet. Kids can break our hearts and lift us up with the simplest gestures. Thanks for sharing!