Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honor and Thanks

On this evening before Memorial Day, I'm taking a bit of time to reflect on the heroes that impact my ability to live a free life. Some I know and love - lots of friends and family members, the number is staggering, have served, or are serving in the military. I send love, respect and gratitude to them and their families for the sacrifices made - daily sacrifices with tremendous impact.

And, there are many I never knew; men and women from the many battles, conflicts and wars that have formed our nation's existence, and continue to shape us well into our children's and grandchildren's future.

Tomorrow is the final day of a three day weekend for many folks.
It is the prelude to summer and as such is the kick-off weekend for camping, boating, hiking, beach trips, and barbecues; or for shopping and catching up on rest. However you spend it, I urge you to take a moment and remember those who won't be able to have a barbecue with their families because they are deployed somewhere else. Or those who made the supreme sacrifice and gave their life so we could continue to live ours as we have become accustomed.

Take a moment and reflect on our freedom and the cost of acquiring and maintaining it. Remember to fly your flag appropriately. Thank a soldier - of the past, of the present and those of the future. Do celebrate the day with family and friends, but also teach your children about its meaning. If it's possible, visit a war memorial and read inscriptions. Have a dialogue with them so they might begin to understand how we got to be where we are at this moment in history.

Discuss what heroism means to you, who your heroes are and why, and mention that heroes tend to be at their most heroic when no one else is watching.

"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" ~Maya Angelou

"Each man is a hero and an oracle to somebody." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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