Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sole to Soul

Saturday I had the pleasure of dancing with a beautiful group of women at a belly dance showcase in town. It was my first time performing with a dance troupe at such an event and I expected to feel nervous. Surrounded by my tribe, I felt confident and strong.

Two years ago I took on the challenge of walking the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure 60 mile fundraising walk. I expected that I might not reach my fundraising goal and that I might not make the whole 60 miles. Supported and encouraged by my teammates, I met the goal and finished the walk and did it again the next year.

I could say that I’m proud of myself for meeting both of these challenges and putting myself out there. I could say that I worked hard for both of them and put in time and toil. I could say that I sacrificed time to make both happen. I could say all of that, and it would be partly true.

The other part that’s true is I didn’t do either of those things alone. I couldn’t have, and I’m convinced I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for several beautiful, funny, smart, strong and supportive women friends.

When I set out to train for the walk, I had friends who walked beside me, and met new friends along the way. We walked for hours on the weekends. Yes, it was a sacrifice to get up at 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday or Sunday – sometimes both - and walk for miles and miles in all kinds of weather. It was a sacrifice we looked forward to each week. We’d head out, coffee in hand, an occasional stop for doughnuts, and talking and laughing for hours at a time. Yep, it was grueling. Well, okay – the body would feel some serious wear and tear, but the spirit would be repaired. Training was heaven with my walkie, talkie dolls!

Then, last year I found a belly dance class. Actually I found the class several years earlier, but the timing was never quite right. Finally I met the teacher and she invited me to her Friday night shimmy. I went and the women were wonderful. I didn’t know how what I was doing, but it felt like home, and we danced. Later that night I cried – a very happy cry. They accepted me, taught me and coached me and allowed me the privilege of dancing with them, beside them, in their circle of sisters. It’s pretty damn amazing to be in a circle of women, and when in the circle you can’t help but see how beautiful all women are – goddesses one and all.

So, yes it is true that I had to get up off my fanny for either of these things to happen. I had to put my both my sole and my soul out there and take a step of one kind or another. The first step was the biggest, but after that I was swept up and carried by the rhythm of the steps of my sisters; arm in arm, hips swaying in unison, stride after stride.

Dolls and Goddesses; these women feed my soul and rock my world. Find your tribe and share your passions – mamas can dance in many, many ways.

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Tammee said...

So proud and happy to be in your circle :)