Monday, May 14, 2012

You Better Sit Down for This

Fair warning, this is a stream of consciousness free-write tonight. Read, while seated, at your own risk.

Okay, so maybe it's not really true that there is a ban on texting and walking. The real problem, as always is jaywalking and carelessness - although texting can certainly contribute to carelessness, it's not the only cause.

Personally, I'd rather try to negotiate around people texting and walking than people with earpieces walking and talking.  I find the talkers unnerving because they are looking straight ahead - usually in my direction and I can't tell you the number of times I have answered someone who wasn't talking to me.  HATE THAT.

Texting isn't the issue, the real issue is multitasking and not being in the moment.  Face it - we don't have time for MOMENTS!  We need to make use of every last bit of time we have to get everything done on our to do lists for the sake of saying we did.

We favor breadth as opposed to depth. 

Truthfully, hearkening back to the days of depth won't really fix the distracted walking problem. There are still those who read and walk, daydream and walk, proselytize and walk, eat and walk, even talk to a real life person and walk.

Perhaps we should have walking 'rest stops', around the city? 

Oh wait - I think we already have those.  They are called coffee shops.

So step off, grab a cup of coffee and take a load off.

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Lisa Carter said...

I'm guilty of the above! The texting part, not the talking on the phone part. It is a bit ridiculous, though, isn't it? Surely I could stop for a few seconds, reply to whatever is urgent, and deal with the rest later... Or better yet, as you say, sit down in a nice coffee shop and do what's needed there. ;-)