Monday, May 07, 2012

What a Woman Wants

This is going to be short and sweet.  Well, nix the short - not my forte.  Also, it's more salty or spicy than sweet. It's a touchy subject for women of a certain age - even women who are supremely self-confident and not afraid to own their power at work.

It's an extremely uncomfortable position for many women to be in, so they stay still and silent, masking their agitation with a less than enthusiastic response and a sweet, fake, smile.

Oh you know what I'm talking about. Really gals, how can we expect to get what we want if THEY don't know what we want?  If we don't speak up for ourselves and tell them?  No one is a mind reader after all. As much as they would like to please us and make us happy, if we don't give good guidance, the result will be the same and we will yet again be disappointed.

And, when it happens time after time, day after day, things start to fester and we get crankier and crankier until the one time we just can't take it anymore and we lose our cool at the nail salon. Okay maybe I'm just dreaming of being in the nail salon sometime soon so I could lose it there, but realistically it will be at the grocery store.

Ladies, it is time to take a stand for what you want and speak up!  Set those expectations accordingly and raise the bar!  It's the right thing to do. It helps improve overall performance, and yes, many others will thank you for it. Be bold!

I can attest, that even though it was difficult to speak up tonight, the end result was exactly what I hoped for. Tonight I owned my womanhood completely and am proud of it.  Yes, this evening I did the hitherto unthinkable; I overcame my hesitance, and I can hardly believe I summoned the courage, but I did it. I SENT THE MILKSHAKE BACK!  It was too thin, so I returned it nicely and yet without apology.

I know! I hear you gasping. I felt bold, brave and at damn-near FIFTY, finally grown-up enough to not just walk away disappointed and mope all evening long. And you know what?  They made me another one; a nice, thick milkshake that made me ecstatically happy!  With an apology no less. They actually wanted me to be happy with my experience.  Who knew?  Imagine the potential. 

Years of paying for things I'm not happy with are over.  I will never again pay, and then walk away and seethe silently (and tip because I wouldn't want to offend) about something that did not meet my expectations. I will say what I want and expect to receive it; simple as that.

Because, let's face it gals; that is exactly what we want!

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