Saturday, May 05, 2012

It Is Better to Flay Than Do Nothing

Okay, so maybe that's not exactly the way the Confucius quote goes, but it fits.

All day we've been moving furniture, sorting, shredding and dropping off items at Goodwill. All in an effort to clear out my office and ready it for a  fresh new coat of tangerine paint. This is my birthday gift from my husband - a fresh and organized space that makes me happy.

For my part, I've ditched clothes, books and lots and lots of hand-me-down yarn. I have a lot more ditching and dumping to go, but this evening we took a break to celebrate Cinco de Mayo - in-house style:

  • Husband makes margaritas using Bobby Flay margarita recipe
  • I play Munchkin/Munchkin Fu card game with son
  • We go outside to view the Super moon
  • Husband makes second round margaritas using Bobby Flay margarita recipe
  • I make chicken nachos for dinner
  • The three of us watch home renovation nightmares on DIY network so we can fully appreciate the relative ease of our little project
  • I realize I still have to blog for the day
  • Husband clears table - sort of (after two margarita's he's not entirely on his game)
  • Son hems and haws trying to avoid going to bed because it's Saturday and Cinco de Mayo; however since he's never been to Mexico, off to bed he goes NOW!
  • Husband makes one more margarita (for me) using Bobby Flay margarita recipe because it's Saturday AND Cinco de Mayo and I HAVE been to Mexico!
  • I take a couple of sips while helping to clear the table and then remember, again that I still have to blog for today - ACK!
  • One more look at the Super moon for inspiration
  • Have I mentioned how I really, really like the Bobby Flay margarita recipe?

Now that I'm done for the day, I'll head back to my Cinco de Mayo celebration and enjoy that Bobby Flay margarita sitting on the table and calling my name.

Tomorrow there will be no more Bobby Flay margaritas and no more Super moon, but there will be breakfast, coffee and more sorting and painting.

Super. Wish I could have Brunch @ Bobby's while my husband finishes the painting.

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