Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Son Shined Today

On this Mother's Day, there was no breakfast in bed, no big jewelry present, no champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. No one cleaned my house or weeded my yard (well we did a wee bit), or sent me to a spa for massage or pedicure.

No boo-hoos here though. I did get a blueberry scone this morning. My son wanted to try to make them, but my husband had the good sense to go purchase my favorite one instead - while said son was still snoozing.  Sometimes a mess in the kitchen isn't a gift - even if it is the thought that counts.

What I did get was a lot of sweet, relaxed time with the reason I get to celebrate this day.  Oh sure, we did a bit of yard work, but pulling weeds wasn't exactly the celebration I was looking for, and truthfully we completely suck at yard work. Instead, I pulled out a chair and we sat under the shade of the magnolia tree and talked.  He sat on my lap and cuddled up while we laughed and talked about how much we both dislike weeding. We cut some lilacs and took them to our neighbor who acts as bonus grandma, and then went back to the shade of our tree.

Another neighbor was out walking while her family was attempting to make her waffles for breakfast; it was now well after noon. She'd been out walking for two hours and answering a few calls like "where's the cornstarch?", and "do we have to mix the eggs separately?"  While we were talking she said, "maybe I should go and rescue them?"  Just then her phone rang again and her husband told her "the cereal is ready whenever you want to come and eat it."  We all laughed.  It's the effort that counts anyway.

This made my son and I hungry and we went inside for a sandwich.  Just as I was heading into the kitchen, my son stopped me.  "NO!" he said, "I'm going to make YOU a sandwich today." We sat and ate our sandwiches and he cleared the plates.  We decided our weeding was done for the day and just kicked back and relaxed until dinner time.

No, it wasn't a big, flashy celebration with big ticket trinkets or lavish indulgences, but I had the best gift of all; time with the very reason I get to come running when I hear him call "Mom!"

And a nice glass of red wine to end the evening didn't hurt either...

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ScarletKanada said...

Your day and my day ended the same! It was fantastic. I did get chocolate dipped strawberries in bed that morning though. But you are probably not surprised given who my daughter is :)