Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Kind of Mother

Okay, so there are a few mothers out there who really shouldn't be allowed to parent; like the woman who's two-year old keeps wandering the streets of the Aloha area.  Of course, I don't know the whole story, so I shouldn't judge - although I did judge.

However, there are other mothers out there who make conscious, and yet unconventional parenting decisions that teach life long lessons and create the very best memories.  They are my sisters in crime.

You are a sister (or brother - cuz dads can be equally renegade) in crime if you have ever:

  • Served dessert before dinner because you might not have room for it later!
  • Declared your own snow day when there is snow on the ground and your kid is ecstatic, but the school district is run by people who have forgotten that children aren't small adults  and sometimes business can wait - just a day.
  • Are not afraid to admit to your kids when you messed up and made a mistake and make fun of yourself.
  • Have let your kid sleep in and go to school late after a family celebration, because those moments with family can't be made up later, but school work can (sorry teacher friends, but it's true ain't it?)
  • Let your child wear the same hoodie to school for almost two years even though there are holes in the sleeves and you worry that people think you don't have any clothes for your child, but it makes him feel comfortable and he loves it because his uncle gave it him, so you grab it and wash it at night from time to time so it's ready to wear in the morning. (So if you're wondering - he does have other clothes, really!)
  • Encourage your kid to take a break after school and go OUTSIDE to play with the neighbors, even though that means the homework will be done later.  Vitamin D is easier to come by in daylight, right? And it's really great to kiss your kid's sweaty forehead and see the pink in his cheeks.  It reminds us of the old days when we were kids!
  • Let them wear their hair in their eyes, or business up front and party in the back, or spiked up, or colored purple, pink, green or black, or however they want to wear it because, after all, it's on THEIR head not yours.
  • Introduced them to the Brit coms - even if the humor is a little blue at times - because it's damn good dialogue and writing. 
  • Let them bake 'tinted' bread - like a purple baguette!
  • Taught your kid to add by playing blackjack - especially if you explain to them how to split two aces and double-down. 

My mom is my inspiration for the self-declared snow day.  When I was in high school, we had a few inches of snow that would usually shut things down, but we had a party-pooper for a superintendent (I think it might be part of the job description - "must be willing to suck the joy out of miraculous acts of nature for school-age children").  Anyway, several friends came over to our house in the morning to say they were 'skipping' school.  I never skipped school - repeat never - and I am not joking.  I was 'that' straight and narrow kind of kid.  I was both appalled and jealous, but stressed out because I needed to get them out of our house so I could get to school.  My mom looked at me and said, "You're not going to school today. I'm excusing you"  I argued - I HAD to go to school - we all HAD to go to school.

Mom taught me to lighten up and look at the big picture.  One day was not going to ruin my education, and yet I can remember that day better than most, thanks to my renegade mom. 

This year I got to do the same for my son, and we had a great day!

I learned from the best; my kind of mother.

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Tia Bach said...

This post is a lovely reminder to seize the day. I have three girls 12, 10 & 7, and I'm all about family game and movie nights and family sleepovers in the basement.

I loved your list. The colored bread stood out as something my family needs to try.

I'm so loving Blogathon this year!!