Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Homework Pass

My son's math teacher hands out homework passes to students for every ten assignments that have been graded with a check-plus.  Anything less than that doesn't count. 

My son looks forward to getting those homework passes.  He has one in his possession and is just waiting for the optimal time to use it. Today told him at dinner tonight that I wished I had a homework pass for my blog because I'm exhausted today.

Today is my 50th birthday and he's sharing his homework pass with me tonight.

So I'm taking a pass and heading to bed - thanks to my son who is a check-plus-plus-plus-plus to infinity kind of kid, and the greatest gift of all.

Cheers and goodnight.

1 comment:

ScarletKanada said...

OOOH! I still have the second, more alcoholic part of your present to give you!