Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Started

Well, tonight I am a blogger. For better or worse, I have now joined the blog universe. Of course, it is taking me way longer than necessary to work out the technical details, figure out the editing procedures, etc..., but at least I have begun.

So, here's a little celebration dance, and yeah, I do look just like this broad in the picture............really, I really, really do! Okay, I did a few years ago. Alright, maybe not EXACTLY like that, but I felt like that and still do - at times.

Well, maybe not right at this moment, but at some moments my hair does that, but it is more annoying than alluring and might be streaked with peanut butter, or mayonaise.

Also, I don't really look good in yellow, so I wouldn't be wearing the halter top per se, and hip huggers are not really my thing, but other than that I look and feel EXACTLY like her, you know?

Oh, and I really don't do belts either - because, well, just because - OKAY?

But other than that, I'm just like her. Although, now that I think about it I have never worn cuff bracelets. Maybe handcuffs qualify as sort of like those? But, I've never worn handcuffs either, so just forget I brought that up would you?

So, I guess the only thing I really have in common with this picture is..........well...........a belly button. You'll have to take my word for it because I won't be showing it off anytime soon.

That's it - I've begun.

I blog, therefore I am.


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